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Come See David Deida With Me

Posted in Uncategorized by ebenpagan on August 20, 2009

[NOTE: This is the text from an email that I’ve sent to my “inner circle” of friends and clients – I’ll leave it up here on my blog for a day or two – until the event is sold out.]

This is a personal invitation – it’s going out to my
friends first, then my “business friends” next.

You probably know that David Deida is the most
interesting and innovative teacher in the area of
relationships, spirituality and sexuality.

In any event, I had the privilege of interviewing
David for my interview series a few weeks ago, and
we hit it off.

David has been “unplugged” for the past year working
on some new material (and I can tell you… based on
the interview I did with him… it’s amazing stuff).

He’s gearing up to do a couple of big live programs
over the next few months. One of the things he’d like
to do is have a chance to practice with some of his
new, deeper material… which has created a VERY
interesting opportunity…

David has decided to do a 2 1/2 day exclusive live
training for about 20 or so people in Ojai next month.

The dates are the 18th-20th of September,
which are a Friday-Sunday.

After discussing this event with him and his team,
I suggested that I know several people who would
love to attend something like this – and get an
“insider” experience with him.

I’m going to attend, personally… by the way (and
I’m pretty excited about it!).

So while we were discussing the program, I suggested
that maybe I invite some of my friends, and they loved
the idea.

So here’s the deal:

David hasn’t done a small-group “invitation only”
event like this in several years (and he’s not
likely to do another one like it for several MORE

He wants a small group of people who know his work,
who are willing to go VERY deep, get VERY real, and
possibly go WAY beyond what they thought possible in
the realms of relationship and sexuality.

Because this is a small, invitation-only intensive
event, the price is a little higher than a “big”

It’s $5,000 for a male/female couple or $3,000 for
an individual to attend.

Originally, this event was going to cost $4,000-
$5,000 per person. After discussing with David’s
team, I told them that I wasn’t interested in making
any money promoting – and that I’d prefer to just
pass the savings on to the people I know who might
like to attend – so that’s how they arrived at the
special lower price.

So anyway, if you’d like to attend, the price is
only $5,000 for a couple or $3,000 for an individual.

A few more details:

The event starts on Friday evening. The first session
will go from approximately 7-10 PM. On Saturday and
Sunday, the event will start in the early afternoon,
and go until late at night.

The hours are a little later than most “seminar” type
experiences – because David has found that some of
the more profound work happens at night.

I attended one of David’s 2 1/2 day programs last
year that followed a similar format, and I have to
say, it BLEW MY MIND. Very transformational. That’s
why I’m going back for more!

So, if you’d like to attend this program with me,
then please call Michaela (she runs David’s
businesses) and tell her I sent you.

She’ll register you for the program, and get you
all the logistical details.

You can call Michaela at 323-493-3737 or send her
an email at:


Trust me on this one. This is a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity – and we’re going to have a great time.

Come if you can!


P.S. Here are a couple of quick thoughts – just to
make sure you get the most from this program and
know what to expect in terms of travel.

If you’ll be traveling to attend this program, you
will probably want to fly in to the Burbank airport
or LAX. Burbank is maybe an hour from Ojai and LAX
is maybe 90 minutes.

There are several hotels in Ojai you can stay at, and
the actual event is about 7 miles from downtown Ojai
(so you’ll need a car – or to carpool).

If you fly in on Friday (the first day), make SURE
you fly in early in the day – because Friday traffic
in LA is BRUTAL. I’d arrive at Noon and plan on
getting to Ojai by 1 or 2 in order to avoid afternoon

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  1. Casey said, on August 21, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    WOW! What an event. Deida is a real wealth of knowledge. Wish I could be there…

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